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Negotiation Skills for Purchasing
Who Should Attend
Those who are new to working in a purchasing environment with little or no purchasing experience; those who would like to review their existing skills in developing and optimising their capability to negotiate in buying and purchasing management roles; and those outside of the purchasing function who are stakeholders in the purchasing and procurement process with responsibility for negotiation.

This workshop seeks to achieve a balance between theory and practical advice with expert coaching and guidance. Participants will develop an understanding of the key principles of negotiating with suppliers to be able to manage and participate in the development of successful negotiating strategies for their organisation.

At the end of this training programme participants will be able to:

Describe the process of planning and conducting a negotiation
Identify the importance of factors such as power, culture and behaviour in a negotiation
Understand how to use a series of techniques both before and during the negotiation to achieve a successful outcome
Plan, structure and participate in a negotiation (two day variant)

The programme is participative and involves exercises in small groups, trainer input and the use of case studies and examples to enhance learning. In addition there will be the opportunity to practise negotiation in small groups with the longer format. The topics we will cover are:

Planning a successful negotiation
Stakeholder management
Information control and the conditioning of suppliers
The balance of power in the negotiation
The impact of culture and behaviour in the negotiation
Dealing with conflict in the negotiation scenario
‘Deal’ versus ‘relationship’
Executing a successful negotiation strategy
Tips, tactics and techniques to use in a negotiation

Pre-Course Work
Prior to the course, delegates will be asked to identify a negotiation which they are currently involved, in which they have direct or indirect responsibility, in order to be able to work through real case examples during the programme.

DURATION: One Day/Two Days

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