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Stress Reduction Skills for Managers
Who Should Attend
Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors who need to learn to use stress reduction tactics and pass them on to others.
Most people would readily agree that some degree of stress is essential in order to perform well. However, it is well known that prolonged exposure to high degrees of stress can be harmful and cause long-term damage to psychological and/or physical health. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that working conditions are not unduly stressful.

This 1 day programme trains participants to use simple, practical stress reduction techniques that can be passed on to others to enable them to look after themselves. It looks at some workplace activities that can be causes of stress, examines the impacts of stress on productivity and proposes tactics to deal with these situations.
Participants in this programme will be able to:
Distinguish useful stress from potentially harmful stress.
Recognise their own stress indicators.
Identify the signs and symptoms of stress in others.
Understand the consequences of stress for the individual and for the organisation.
Provide people with practical tools and tactics to cope with their emotions so as to gain clarity of focus and make effective decisions.
Provide people with ways to become healthier, happier and more resilient.
Be an example and show people how to adopt key behaviours to reduce stress levels.
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