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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion for Team Members
Who Should Attend
Team members who need to be aware of, and carry out, their responsibilities in line with legislation and organisational policies.
For employees to be fully motivated they need to feel part of an organisational culture where they experience giving and receiving mutual respect daily; where they have equal access to development opportunities and can fully contribute to the success of the organisation.
This highly participative workshop creates a supportive learning environment that enables participants to understand and apply the main principles of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion legislation. They will know the extent to which these principles apply to just about every aspect of organisational life; they will know what they should be able to expect and also what is expected of them and why. This is likely to have a positive effect on motivation and thus enhance team effectiveness.

Through their active participation in this workshop, delegates will be able to:
promote diversity and fair treatment for everyone.
be aware of and carry out, their responsibilities in line with legislation and organisational policies.
recognise and deal with inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.
Throughout the day our Trainer will cover the topics below:
Practical explorations of attitudes and beliefs, harassment and stereotyping.
Awareness-raising exercises on cultural norms, religious beliefs, sexuality, age.
Expert and practical guidance that demonstrates to participants the rights and responsibilities that are entailed by:
The Sex Discrimination Act
The Equal Pay Act
The Race Relations Act
The Disability Discrimination Act
The Age Discrimination Act
The Human Rights Act
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