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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion for Managers
Who Should Attend
This workshop is designed to benefit managers who wish to be able to take a proactive approach that achieves the benefits, shown below, on a daily basis and also protects the organisation from the costs and disruption of litigation.
The benefits of a well designed and implemented Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy make a compelling case:
improved recruitment and retention increased creativity and innovation stronger teamwork lower absenteeism fewer complants and costly tribunal cases.

A crucial factor that determines whether an organisation succeeds or fails, is how the various talents are attracted, kept, nurtured, combined and used.

Our highly participative workshop creates a supportive and challenging environment that enables participants to grasp and apply the main principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion as enshrined in Law. They will become very aware of the extent to which these principles apply to just about every aspect of organisational life; they will know both what the individual is entitled to expect of the organisation and what the organisation requires of the individual.
Through their active participation in this workshop, delegates will be able to:
name the key UK legislation and EU directives relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
state the practical, behavioural implication of the legislation for the business, including the less obvious, but very important, liabilities
quantify the benefits of a healthy Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy
recognise and deal with inappropriate behaviour in the workplace
contribute to the design and implementation of a healthy Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy
Participants will experience and learn from expert and practical guidance relating to:
The Sexual Discrimination Act
The Equal Pay Act
The Race Act
The Diability Discrimination Act
The Age Discrimination Act
The Human Rights Act
Practical explorations of attitudes, beliefs, harassment and stereotyping
Awareness-raising exercises on cultural norms, religious beliefs, sexuality and age
Ways to achieve the benefits of a healthy Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy

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