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Creativity and Innovation
Who Should Attend
Those who are looking to be innovative, to stretch their imagination, to be more creative rather than settling for solutions that are merely OK.
In these busy times we are confronted by many obstacles in our work and in most cases are quite happy to find a solution that gets the problem off our desk. In these cases we think we have been slick in our thinking. The reality is that often we have been too clever too quickly and not used our full creative potential. This workshop will open your eyes to how you can develop and use your creativity to produce innovations that benefit you, your team and the organisation.
At the end of this training programme participants will be able to:

See their capacity for creativity
Use different approaches to the creative process
Recognise examples of innovation
Link creativity to innovation
Resist opting for the obvious solution
Convey their innovation solution to their colleagues


Increasing creative options
Transforming creativity into innovation
Creating choices for you, your team and the organisation
Working with real issues that occur in your work
Commnunicating the concepts for acceptance

Pre-Course Work
If possible, delegates are asked to bring ideas or problems with them that can be worked with during the day.


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