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Problem Solving & Decision Making
Who Should Attend
Anyone who is required to apply problem solving and decision making skills, or use any form of creativity within the scope of their job.
This workshop explores the potential of creative and logical thinking in both a theoretical and pragmatic way. The focus is on learning how to apply a range of problem-solving tools and techniques to any form of problem or task in a flexible and creative way, as well as adopting a structured and methodical approach, so as to maximise one's ability to resolve difficult or problematic situations and make confidence and effective decisions. The programme is participative and involves a range of practical exercises, trainer input and opportunities to discuss applying ideas to participants' real work examples.
At the end of this training programme participants will be able to:

Understand the principles of creative and logical thinking
Recognise the benefits of taking a creative and logical thinking approach when applied in today's working environment
Apply a range of creative and logical thinking tools and techniques to different types of problems, and recognise how to apply them apropriately in different situations to achieve well-informed decisions
Apply a specific problem-solving process that combines both creative and logical thinking tools and technqiues
Analyse the risks involved in making important decisions


Defining creative/alternative thinking; how it works, its purpose and the benefits of its application in today's fast-changing work environment
Defining structured, logical thinking; how it works, it's purpose and the benefits of appliying it in combination with creative thinking tools and techniques to achive powerful results
Applying the 3 key creative thinking principles to maximise problem-solving opportunities
Practising applying a range of problem-solving techniques to different types of problems
Combinging creative and logical thinking by applying a specific problem-solving process to achive the benefits of both
Using both styles of thinking strategies to ensure sound risk assessment and confident decision making

Pre-Course Work
No pre-course work required.


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