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Introduction to Project Management
Who Should Attend
This one day programme is designed for those who need to quickly gain a practical grasp of Project Management.
In the great majority of organisations today, projects are a vital part of daily life. For many people, more working time than ever is being spent as part of a project team and managing projects. Project Management Skills are as essential as Time Management, Presentation Skills, Leadership Skills and Financial Awareness. Individual and corporate success depends upon having a strong base of well developed Project Management skills.

Participants in this programme will experience the key stages of the entire process, from objective setting to wrap up, with due consideration of the management techniques to be applied throughout.
At the end of this Training Programme participants will have gained a practical approach to Project Management and be able to:

Define the project and understand how managing a project is different from managing other situations
Understand and use the particular terminology of Project Management
Use Project Management tools such as Gantt, Critical Path Analysis and others
Outline the role and identify the key skills of a project manager
Prepare the schedule
Analyse costs and resources
Plan and control a project
Keep customer needs in focus
Work in partnership with stakeholders
Recognise the stages where communication, teamwork and influencing skills are most important

The programme is intensive and highly participative in style. It involves trainer input, individual practical work and discussion in small and large groups. The trainer, who is an experienced Project Manager, draws on real world examples to give depth to the learning.

Here is what is covered:
10 Golden Rules of Project Management Key stages in the Project Life Cycle Project Parameters: Quality, Time & Cost Properties of effective project goals Project Management Competencies Supervisory Work Preference Inventory Getting Down to Work Problem Solving & Trouble Shooting Tips on Handling Conflict Project Management Reality Check Monitoring and Controlling Implementation Reviewing the Project and Decommissioning the Team

These essential Project Management Tools will be worked with:
Work Breakdown Structure Responsibility Assignment Matrix Fishbone Diagram Gantt Chart and PERT Chart SWOT Analysis Critical Path Analysis

Pre-Course Work
No pre-course work is necessary. However, it will be useful 'grist to the mill' if participants have given some thought to their experiences of project work to date.


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