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We like to work with people to design Management Development Programmes that are tailor made to provide the skills required to make Team Leaders and Managers at all levels as effective as possible for their organisation.

Leadership & Management Programme
Who Should Attend
Managers and leaders looking for a higher level of leadership achievement.
Programme Aims

To help participants optimise their leadership skills in order to bring about positive change in themselves, others and the business.
To help participants identify and recognise their own approach and leadership responsibilities within their own organisation's culture; and to understand their own levels of competency and identify what they need to further develop or take forward in their role within the big picture.

Day 1 – Managing Yourself and your Team

Effective Communication
Communicating Objectives
Identify barriers to good communication
Handling difficult situations and conflict
Running effective meetings

Elements of Leadership
Identifying your personal style
Core Skills
Leadership Models
Coaching and Support
Problem Solving
Managing Remotely

Team Development
Team Dynamics
A Systematic Approach
Constructive Feedback
Motivational techniques
Managing Performance

Day 2 – Leading & Managing Others

Managing Change
Victim or instigator?
Exploration of common barriers
Processes for creating, managing and sustaining change

The Mechanics of Engagement
Motivating & inspiring others
Ways to create, stimulate and maintain change

Time Management & Personal Effectiveness
Efficiency & Effectiveness
Personal Strengths & Weaknesses
Managing Priorities

Day 3 – Applying It To The Business

Unlocking Others’ Potential
From Manager to Advanced Performance Coach
Identifying motivations and drivers of others
Key skills to engage and empower others to take on increased levels of ownership and responsibility

Using Creativity
Right brain thinking / Outside the box
Leading the creative process

Applying Learning to the Business
Action Planning: your commitment to action

N.B. At the end of the 3 days, participants will be expected to commit to a series of self-assigned leadership objectives based on their personal learning. These action points will form the basis of the subsequent Half Day Review.

Half Day Review

The purpose of the review is to:
Personalise, re-enforce and clarify messages from the course.
Monitor, encourage and support the completion of personal action points, discussing solutions to any perceived barriers.
Agree further future plans of action.
Ensure you get the most from having attended the course by ensuring the theory has a practical application in the workplace.

Pre-Course Work

DURATION: 3 days + half day review

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