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ILM Level 3 Qualifications in First Line Management

Introducing the Qualifications
The ILM Level 3 Award in First Line Management, ILM Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management, and ILM Level 3 Diploma in First Line Management are qualifications that have been specially designed to give practising or aspiring first line managers a solid foundation in their formal development as a manager.

The Award is a concise qualification which gives an introduction to the basic skills, knowledge and understanding required by today's first line manager. The mandatory unit 'Solving Problems and Making Decisions' is designed to develop practical techniques for tackling managerial problems and making decisions from gathering and interpreting information through to the effective communication of outcomes.

The Certificate provides a more comprehensive programme that builds and broadens the skills and knowledge gained in the Award (please not candidates may join the Certificate directly and are not required to undertake the Award as a prerequisite). Here organisational change is explored,giving participants a deeper understanding of this critical workplace issue and providing them with the tools to plan for and deal with organisational upheaval. The crucial skill of time management is also explored in the fourth mandatory unit for the Certificate.

The Diploma develops a very comprehensive range of management skills, providing learners with the broad body of knowledge required by a first line manager. The qualification builds on the Award and Certificate, though is more suited to the practising manager. (Please note candidates are not required to undertake either the Award or Certificate as prerequisites and may join Diploma programmes directly). The additional mandatory units cover business communication - writing for business and making presentations - creativity and innovation for the workplace as well as information gathering and analysis, and managing customer service.

Flexibility - all candidates are able to choose from a diverse range of optional units to build their qualification - the Award, Certificate or Diploma (see the tables below and overleaf). This high level of flexibility allows individuals or their employers to custom build a qualification focusing on the key areas of first line management that are most relevant to the demands of a specific role, industry or organisation. From managing health and safety to planning change in the workplace, the ILM First Line Management qualifications can be fully tailored to meet the varying needs of learners across all employment sectors.

Qualifications Overview

Level 3 Award in First Line Management Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management Level 3 Diploma in First Line Management
Credit value • Minimum 5 credits • Minimum 20 credits • Minimum 37 credits
Guided learning • Minimum 34 hours • Minimum 120 hours • Minimum 220 credits
Duration • Completion within one year • Completion within two years • Completion within three years

• Induction – one hour

• Tutorial support – at least two hours
• One mandatory unit with a credit value of 2
• Optional units with a minimum total credit value of 3

• Induction – two hours
• Tutorial support – at least four hours
• Four mandatory units with a credit value of 7
• Optional units with a minimum total credit value of 13
• Induction – two hours
• Tutorial support – at least seven hours
• Four mandatory units with a credit value of 13
• Optional units with a minimum total credit value of 24
Assessment – mandatory units • Work-based assignment • Work-based assignment, plus
• Change management report
• Work-based assignment, plus
• Change management report, plus
• Innovation project, plus
• Presentation
Assessment – optional units Depending on the units selected, a choice of: work-based assignments, reflective reviews, knowledge reviews, oral presentations, role-play/scenarios, written reports or centre-devised alternatives.
Entry requirements There are no formal entry requirements but participants will normally be practising or aspiring first line managers with the opportunity to meet the assessment demands and have a background that will enable them to benefit from the programme.

Please note these ILM Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQs) are part of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), applicable in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, providing successful candidates with transferable qualification credit.

Overview of Units

Ref Unit title CV* Mandatory
M3.01 Solving problems and making decisions 2 A   C   D
M3.02 Understanding change in the workplace 2       C   D
M3.03 Planning change in the workplace 2       C   D
M3.04 Achieving objectives through time management 1       C   D
M3.05 Writing for business 1             D
M3.06 Managing creativity and innovation in the workplace 1             D
M3.07 Obtaining information for effective management 2             D
M3.08 Managing customer service 1             D
M3.09 Giving briefings and making presentations in the workplace 1             D
M3.10 Introduction to leadership 2
M3.11 Building the team 1
M3.12 Motivating to perform in the workplace 2
M3.13 Developing yourself and others 2
M3.14 Managing conflict in the workplace 1
M3.15 Managing stress in the workplace 1
M3.16 Managing the employment relationship 2
M3.17 Recruiting, selecting and inducting new staff in the workplace 3
M3.18 Coaching and training your work team 2
M3.19 Providing quality to customers 2
M3.20 Planning to work efficiently 2
M3.21 Organising and delegating 1
M3.22 Managing projects 2
M3.23 Managing health and safety at work 3
M3.24 Understanding organisations in their context 2
M3.25 Understanding culture and ethics in organisations 2
M3.26 Managing performance 1
M3.27 Working with costs and budgets 1
M3.28 Managing the efficient use of materials 1
M3.29 Managing the effective use of equipment 1
M3.30 Understanding the communication process in the workplace 1
M3.31 Influencing others at work 1
M3.32 Communicating one-to-one at work 1
M3.33 Effective meetings for managers 2
M3.34 Understanding workplace information systems 1
M3.35 Marketing for managers 1

* Credit value Candidates must complete the associated mandatory units for their qualification, marked A = Award and C = Certificate, then choose from the remaining units to make up the required minimum credit value - check with your centre for further advice.

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